2 Year Warranty

  All Big Stick bows will come with a 2 year full warranty (from date of completion, as marked on the bow) on materials and craftsmanship.  Having a reliable long lasting bow is something that I value and consider very critical.  I shoot year round, expect my bow to perform in any and all conditions, and to do the same for anyone else.  If you have any problem at all with your Big Stick please contact me and I will do whatever I can to ensure you have the quality of product I would expect for myself.


These products are handmade one at a time; no two are the same, nor guaranteed to be, in looks or performance.  These products are a weapon capable of serious harm to yourself, and or others.  Proper care and maintenance of these products is critical to both performance and safety.  This includes, but is not limited to, properly stringing, storage, care, use and regular visual checks of the product.  Any loss of draw weight over time is not considered a failure of craftsmanship or materials; therefore, not covered by warranty.  If at anytime you have a question regarding the proper use, care, condition, or safety of the product please contact me.