Bow Models


  While the “Hitman” was designed to give the most efficiency and accuracy on the range, or in the field, it doesn’t lend itself well to shorter bow lengths.  The “Gremlin” is the answer.  With a strongly deflexed 13″ riser the “Gremlin” allows for a shorter bow to handle much longer draws.  While it is not quite as fast, the “Gremlin”is smooth (stacking 3 lbs per inch from 27″-32”) and the higher brace allows for plenty of clearance when wearing bulky clothes in cold weather.  In short, the “Gremlin” was designed to HUNT.

currently available in: 56″ or 58″

(fits draws up to 32″)

(recommended brace of @8″-8.25″ for 56″ and @8.5″-8.75″ for 58″ )


After building the “Assassin” for over five years, I set out to make a more efficient version.  The “Hitman” uses the same riser platform as the “Assassin” but only comes with a 17″ riser.  The profile is more radical, with less deflex and more reflex, resulting in more speed.  Less hand shock and less noise at the shot are added bonuses.  

**The  new XL risers are available on 64″ Hitmans and provide a riser with up to 7oz more mass weight on the

same limb profile**

(XL riser/17′ riser     XXL/18″ riser     XXL/19″ riser)

currently available in: 62″ or 64″

(fits draws up to 32+)

(recommended brace @7.75″-8″ for 62″ and @8″-8.25″ for 64″)


These products are handmade one at a time; no two are the same, nor guaranteed to be, in looks or performance.  These products are a weapon capable of serious harm to yourself, and or others.  Proper care and maintenance of these products is critical to both performance and safety.  This includes, but is not limited to, properly stringing, storage, care, use and regular visual checks of the product.  If at anytime you have a question regarding the proper use, care, condition, or safety, of the product please contact me.