“Assassin” One Piece Hybrid Longbow


Hybrids were designed to give shooters the “best of both worlds”.  The speed, grip, and shootability of a recurve with the smoothness and quietness of a longbow.  The “Assassin” fills the bill of  a true hybrid with it’s comfortable locator style grip, low to the hand shelf that is cut to center, very limited hand-shock, smooth draw, and slight deflex/reflex shape when strung.  It is a pleasure to shoot all day at the range or roving and lethal in the field.

Currently available in:     58″, 60″, 62″ and 64″

                                                                                   (fit draws up to 32″+)

                                                                            (recommended brace 7″-7.5″)


These products are handmade one at a time; no two are the same, nor guaranteed to be, in looks or performance.  These products are a weapon capable of serious harm to yourself, and or others.  Proper care and maintenance of these products is critical to both performance and safety.  This includes, but is not limited to, properly stringing, storage, care, use and regular visual checks of the product.  If at anytime you have a question regarding the proper use, care, condition, or safety, of the product please contact me.